WTI Full Fender

Add the ultimate finishing touch to your tractor & trailer.  W.T.I. Fenders incorporate the best design, and add protection from rocks, salt, sand and road tar.
Fenders are hand fabricated using the highest quality fiberglass materials for long lasting durability. WTI Fenders will not dent and in case of an accident, they can be easily repaired.  A special liner is used for added strength and to improve wear against typical road hazards.  The underside flat area of fender is reinforced with a special  "V" laminated strip for even more strength.  This Exclusive design requires no center mounting bracket or bracing.
The outside face has a special rolled edge for added dimension and strength.  The low cut design between the tandems is an excellent place for your custom emblems, stripes, or lights.  The fenders are available in either white or black gloss gelcoat or in a sandable gray primer gelcoat finish.  The gray primer is recommended for painting, however, any of these finishes are easy to paint to match the color scheme of your truck.
Uniquely designed brackets are included with your W.T.I. Fender Kit.  The W.T.I. brackets are placed inside of the fender resulting in the hidden, clean look.  No mounting bracket is needed in the curve or center of the fender.  This allows you to mount the fender close to the tire.  W.T.I. Fenders are "Sandwiched" on the lower corners with stainless steel for secure mount.  The fenders flex with the frame of the truck reducing fender stress.  W.T.I. Fenders can be removed in a matter of minutes if major repairs need to be done to your truck.  For flat tires, in most cases, adding air to your air suspension is all you need to do to remove a flat tire.
  • Tubular Steel with 1/4" Wall
  • Flat Plates 3/8" Thick
  • Gusseted Corners
  • Mitered Cuts
  • Capped Ends
  • Grades 8 & Stainless Bolts Included
  • Built Tuff - Built To Last!
  1. Make, Model and Year of Truck
  2. Suspension Type
  3. Axle Spacing
  4. Tire Size
  5. Fifth Wheel Height (see below)
  6. Style of Fender
  7. Gel Coat Color
  8. Mud Flap Brackets? (yes or no)
  9. On Light Kit Fenders - Style of Light To Be Used
Measure from the ground to the top of the 5th wheel to arrive at your 5th wheel height. 
Recommended 5th Wheel Height for all WTI Fenders are as follows.
If you have:
22.5 low pro tires       48"
22.5 standard tires    49"
24.5 low pro tires       49"
24.5 tall tires               51"
This is the mininum recommeded height.  This Doesn't Guarantee you will never hit your fenders with your trailer, however NORMALLY OK.
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